Saturday, 10 March 2018

An Open letter To Men Trying To Conceive

An Open letter   To Men Trying To Conceive  

Dear Married Man , On that faithful day,  in the presence of your friends & family,  you promised before God as your Heavenly witness, to be with her no matter the weather..

Now  after few years of TTC  (Trying To Conceive),  you suddenly feel replacing her with  a side chick is the solution??

Don't be deceived,  how sure are you that that pregnancy the side chick claim is yours is ACTUALLY YOURS? 

Are you monitoring her bedroom activity 24/7 on CCTV?

If not, I will rather strongly suggest you focus 24/7 on Yourself & what is legally yours - YOUR Lovely ♥ WIFE

If you both have been TTC for years without success,  speak out and reach out for natural solutions that works!

Synthetic drugs for fertility has been proven to cause serious side effects such as blurred vision, depression,  Breast tenderness,  liver damage,  ovarian cancer,  just to mention a few .

Playing "free kick in an unauthorized goal post" to confirm and test your potency is not the answer....

When you love yourself,  you will love your wife and when there is real love between you and yours,  you will both work together as a real team to do all you can to be FERTILITY FIT

Yes,  it's your responsibility to ensure you and your dearest wife are both fit to get pregnant.

If there are any deficiencies such as : low sperm count,  sperm leakage,  hormonal imbalance,  PID,  fibroid,  PCOS,  there are natural solutions for it.

By the grace of God,  we have helped thousands of couples with infertility challenges to conceive naturally...

And my strong believe is that,  the True God whose name is Jehovah that made our fertility solutions work for others will make it work for you as well.

Please my Brother,  no side chick's,  your wife is the best woman ordained from heaven for you.

If there any issues between you and your wife,  feel free to chat with me,  no third party involved.

Kindly share your view if you have learnt something valuable from this article.

P. S:

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2. Second step for a woman is to do the fertility booster for women,  Click here

Second step for men is to do the booster for men,  Click here

Thursday, 25 January 2018

why People Fail In their Forever Living Business

WHY Some  fail in their Network Marketing Buisness / Forever Living Business 

The name Network Marketing has been abused by many unprofessional opportunity seekers who either regarded it as a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme or those who approached it out of desperation, excitement, or hope.

It’s an emotional decision.

Unfortunately, this is an industry of business ownership pursued by people who have never been business owners.

For the most part, the disciplines and skills necessary for success in network marketing are completely foreign to them.

So here they go…
Spending money, investing time, and pushing outside their comfort‐zone for the very first time out of a very strong and emotional desire to achieve, coupled with an equally strong fear of failure.

They feel like they’ve been dropped into a fishbowl and have to sink or swim.

Each lead called is the call of a lifetime.

Each warm market prospect holds the key to their futures. Each meeting attended contains the secret to success. Each follow‐up call answered by a machine is a shot to the gut. Every dollar spent on leads is a gamble. Each call to the upline that’s never returned is personal. The sky starts falling to the ground with every ‘no.’ Every new sign‐up is cause for a night on the town.

There is no abundance mentality present.
It’s all run on emotion because of that.

And this is why they quit.

However Network marketing is not what it seems.
It took me close to five years to finally “get it,” but it turns out that our products and services are not really our true products! You see, we are not here to sell vitamins and long distance service. We are not here to “get people into the business.”

In fact, here’s a brief list of everything that does not matter:

✔ “My product is cheaper.”
✔ “My product has a higher ORAC value.”
✔ “My product has every vitamin and mineral under the sun.”
✔ “My product has a patent.”
✔ “My product is better than yours.”
✔ “My product was used by the ancient pigmies of the Kukamunga tribe.”
✔ “My product was used by Jesus to raise Lazarus.”
Look...All that matters is that your product holds real value and provides a solution to the end consumer, which is the necessary ingredient for long‐term success. So, you can stop worrying about the features and price point of your MLM’s product, and stop worrying about the “competition.”

There is none.
Why? First of all, competition is a GOOD THING.

If you don’t have competitors selling something similar, it means that there’s no real demand for it to begin with.Second, your business is marketing. He who markets and promotes best, wins.

I could dump two tons of the greatest new C9 Pack on your driveway, but unless you knew how to market it to the right people, you wouldn’t make a dime. The money is not in the product. It is in knowing how to market the product!

So in reality, your product only serves as the "real value" you get in exchange for cash spent, while the marketing system (MLM Strategy) you use, is the tool you employ to target the right audience that have high interest in the value you are offering NOT just anybody that breathes in oxygen.

 and when the tool you use, is duplicatable by your business partners, then you have finally found the SECRET to skyrocket your business , building an empire of happy people proudly earning 7 figures monthly!

The next two sentences will change your life if you “get it”…

You sell a marketing system to distributors.The marketing system sells your company’s products, (not the business!)

It’s a paramount concept that you need to understand from the get‐go. And just what is a “system” anyway?

Well, boiled down to its most basic element, a system is nothing more than a standardized set of tools and instructions.

Your system can be anything as long as there are a common set of tools and instructions.

Our job is to:

1: Market a system to distributors that retails the company products.

2: Teach them (you), leadership and marketing skills… To help our new distributors become “Alphas”. This will allow them to effectively sell more franchises to future franchise buyers (distributors).

Once you have developed or found at least five Alpha Networkers , you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.The greatest benefit this industry provides is not the money, the time, or even the friendships. It’s what this industry can make of you – the “person you become.”

We all come to the table with the same tools, marketing materials, and systems. You and the strengths you bring to the table are the only unknown factors in the equation.

Choosing the right company, with the right product, and with the right marketing system can help you reach your goal faster, just as a "sharp axe" will outperform a dull one, but it will not determine your end result!

My business took off once I decided to just simply 'help others,’ even if I didn't know everything. I was going to try and help as many people as I could. I stopped worrying about the marketing plan, the presentation, and all of that junk and I think this is the key for most people who are 'stuck' ‐ they are focusing on things like websites, and compensation plans too much, always looking for something outside themselves that will bring success. (A Beta behaviour).

But the desire to help people wasn’t enough in‐and‐of‐itself. I had to learn how to market so I could get that message and that energy into the market place.

Intentions are useless without the ability to execute them.

This business when done the right way, allows us to change and inspire thousands of people around the world. Your actions today will start an enormous chain reaction of events that will travel the globe for years, and you will never be able to see or comprehend the impact you will have on generations of people.

That is what motivates me personally. The way I view my life is simple… It’s a gift, and if I don’t do everything I can to achieve greatness and make a huge impact on this world, I’ve wasted it, and I’m a lazy SOB that deserves mediocrity and boredom.

I do not want to be just another face in a crowd, going through life just because they’re here and they have to. This is a gift, and you have NOTHING to lose, so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to live it at the highest level?

I want to spend quality time with my wife and kids, want to serve my God with my family at a time I choose not a time MR BOSS wants it, want to have more time for field service as a J.W, want to wake up from bed when I have finished sleeping (Yes without an ALARM).

Want to recession proof my income, work with happy, cheerful people who are healthy mentally and physically not a mean boss or a colleague at work who envies your position and is ready to kill to get your post, don’t want to be at the mercy of layoffs, choose a ride of my choice (Not a ride that drives me crazy) see the greatest sights, and experience as much of life as I can.

That’s why I am here, and I’m only going to be in this world for a short period of time. So I want to experience these things, and I want to empower as many people as I can to do the same.

In conclusion, permit me to remind you finally that Chasing friends & family in network marketing is outdated, boring and eventually leads to frustration.

To Skyrocket your income in the industry you need to get a proven  Marketing SYSTEM, and if you dont have anyone, we have one for you.

Its a system that allows you to make MASSIVE SALES effortlessly & recruit quality team players who arre ready to duplicate your strategy.


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lessons to learn from the recent Gas Station Explosion

We are reading this because we are alive, and its only those physically and mentally alive that can chose to LEARN.

2 days ago, I was on my way to drop my daughter in her school when i saw thick flames some kilometeres away from my neighbourhood, the thick appearance in the cloud evidently shows something was not right.

In order not to be late, i decided not to ask any questions until i drove down to her school and came back home. It was on my way to the office i learnt that the gas station i often go to to buy gas got exploded. a cold electricity ran through my blood stream for 10 minutes, because this is where i do go to fill my cooking, and  now it exploded !

 I was shocked and felt lost. I learnt 10 died, some say 7 some say 2 but what i can see, was it wasnt a funny situation, LIFE WAS LOST and properties were affected.  Its indeed a terrible news.

But now this got me thinking, will you stop using GAS? will i stop using Gas ?

Yes, will you replace your gas cylinder with fire wood in your kitchen because a gas station just exploded?

That sound ridiculous right? Yes, it does, why? BECAUSE you dont know what led to the explosion in the first place!

It could be as a result of carelessness or some negligence on the part of those in charge. who knows? So rather than childishly submit to unjustified fear, by replacing gas with firewood, it will be wiser we "continue to" exercise caution in the use of gas anywhere we find ourselves and follow all safety rules.

How Does this relate to YOUR BUSINESS?

You have settlled for fire wood in exchange for cooking gas, if :

1. You made a decision based on the opinion of someone who failed and did not tell you reason why he / she failed in a new business that has been transforming lives and can transform yours "IF ONLY  you chose to LEARN from someone succeeding NOT  a failure.

2. You saw an opportunity that can tranform your life , but lack of patience , understanding and having a waiting attitude made you to settle for less or a monthly fixed income rather than learning how to earning residual income or "7 figures peper rest gang".

3. You blame everyone for all your challenges except that familiar face you see in the mirror. Oh your Govt, your Mama, your Daddy,your Grandpa, your Grandma, your Village head master, your Business coach are reasons why 1 2 3 things is happening but not you are trying your best and God knows its not your fault but those people. issorite.

4. You have tried and tried but its not working as expected and you decided to QUIT and face your former lifestyle... you will only do business when you see someone wants to do business with you, not you looking for them. when you are to do a self accessment, learn new skills and CHANGE YOUR GAME.

Yes, following those traits above is tantamount to bringing home firewood in exchange of your cooking gas in your business. Life is about LEARNING and having the COURAGE and faith to pursue our dreams.

Time invested in mediocrity and wasted ignorantly cannot be reversed. its gone officially. we need to learn to forgive ourselves and take a bold step of faith and LEARN NEW SKILLS.

Old keys dont open new doors, lets remember that ALWAYS.

Someone failed is no reason why you need to learn from them, learn from other succeeding and be humble enough to know what they are doing to be successful.

God bless us all.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Meet Attila Gidofalvi Who Made Diamond Manager in 3 Years

Meet Attila Gidofalvi, a Diamond Manager with Forever Living Products. 
Watch his Video about his faith at the Phoenix Super Rally Stage.

He has been with Forever Living company for 3 years. Just like everybody else .He started his Forever  business from scratch. On one of the first meetings he held “he made a statement that he would be come very successful in a very short amount of time“

. As a business Forever Living Company has been around for 35 years and no one did  a statement the first few weeks in this business  so far like his.

At the time Attila Gidofalvi’s statement was considered to be far fetched, and then  within 2,5 years he achieved the much desired position of the Diamond Manager.

 Needless to say with the title there goes noteworthy commissions.

his determination, conviction,perseverance, deep passion and faith in himself, his work, an in others made him who he is today.

His most important teaching is: have faith and all is yours. His story, his style and his success  can be an example to Everybody.

Attila Gidofalvi  the most successful distributor in the Forever Living business. It is already for seen that as the most productive member of Forever Living, he is not about to retire, he is going to further establish the biggest  business.

 In this movie you can feel and understand his  message because he speaks to all
of us.

Is this the Faith ? Yes, this is the faith and this lead to him achieving his  goal in as fast and quick as he has resolved in his heart.

Rather that worry about the endless list of  "WHAT IF'S" , he focused on HOW IT CAN BE DONE.

You too can experience such transformation! Are You Ready to share your Success Story? Join us and partner with us right now if you have not done so. register right now ( its absolutely free) and you can enjoy Forever successfully!


Friday, 27 January 2017

How Married Men Can Last Long in Bed and Stop Weak Erection


It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the rights spots or not – if you last only 30 seconds there’s no way your partner is going to have orgasms. simple and short.

This article will tell you of the super effective method to bring your partner to orgasm, and 1 super effective method to make yourself last longer in bed. Click here now for the gist.

Talking about giving your Woman Massive Orgasm In Bed, do you know that female orgasm will never be possible if you the man don’t last long in bed? Here is the gist…

It takes an average woman 10 to 15 min of deep intense sex for her to orgasm. I mean hard core digging…not just any type. click here now 

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Stop dreaming and face the reality. Your Dream of making your wife, or wife to be remain glued to you will never be possible if you refuse to work on your sex life. 

Women are one of the funniest creatures I have ever encountered. At first, they will pretend and Make it look as if your bedroom performance doesn’t matter and letter on, when it’s time for the game, you will see her positioning herself to receive your manhood.

I have created a secured platform for men where i intend to explain everything you need to know about bedroom and sexual performance. You can access the solution by clicking ( here) 

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

How Postnor 2 Leads To Infertility


Dear Friend,

When talking about getting pregnant,

One of the areas that most people fail to neglect is on the issue of the contraceptive that women have used over the cause of the lifetime right after puberty.

And I will like to use postinor 2 as a case study to be able to buttress my point to help educate you more.

Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive otherwise known as the “morning after pill”

This pill is actually a contraceptive pill that is used after sex to prevent pregnancy most especially for sexual partners who simply had an unprotected sex.

Postinor generally comes with 2 pills that is to be taken within 72 hours after sex.

The problem with this is that because of its easy use and accessibility, lots of women including a lot of the women reading this newsletter are regular user of this pills which is to simply prevent pregnancy.

I actually know of a particular lady who uses this like 3 times a week which is extremely bad.

Now here is where the problem is for women who knows in their heart that they are regular users of this pills.


Now let me ask you this question?

Who goes into the emergency room every two weeks after doing what is not to be done?

Medications like this are meant to serve as an emergency for those very rare times that you forget to allow your partner to use a prophylactic - condom.

So here is what actually happens when you take this set of contraceptive regularly.

Since postinor is a synthetic drug, it may make you have headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Being a hormone, the regular use of this pill actually messes up with your menstrual cycle. This means that repeated use of this can simply lead to irregular cycles, missed period and even prolonged bleeding.

What this does is that you won’t be able to easily know when to expect your period and it might simply happen at a time that you are not simply prepared for.

Some cases of using this contraceptive, it can lead to women having issues with hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, kidney problem.

In other words, it simply increases the chance of infertility at the time that you need it most. which may cause why many times conception fail to happen.

And for this reason if you know you have become a regular user of contraceptive and now looking to conceive and its simply getting difficult, you need to start doing something different and safe about it right now most especially using the Fertility Cleanse right here. CLICK HERE NOW

This newsletter is not to scare you but to let you know that you really need to go through a fertility Detox cleanse to first rid away all of the toxins that has accumulated in your system.

The fertility cleanse will help to reset your fertility hormones which also helps to correct whatever menstrual issues you may have.

The fertility cleanse would help you as a first step in dealing with any form of fertility issues that you might be going through such as fibroid, blocked tubes, hormonal imbalance etc.

To get started. Simply order for the C9 Detox pack here now.

Follow the ordering instruction here today to get yours delivered to your house address at no extra delivery cost.

Do let me read your comment

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Return of The Eagles + 3 Brand New Audi Q7 Car Presentation !!!!

Oh Yes! Its The Return of The Eagles From FLP GREECE All Expense Paid Vacation 
 3 Brand New Audi Q7 Car Presentation !!!!

on a Super Monday @ The EVENT PLACE, Live in Lagos! 

WOW!!! It was indeed an AWESOME EXPERIENCE !!!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Adefila, Mrs Gbobaniyi, Mrs Awumey. !!!!

LCG (Life Changing Group ) is Super proud of you !

In a presumably "economic recession," here are my team of  vibrant entrepreneurs making laudable achievements; they are ordinary people turned extra-ordinary with their dogged strive for success.

They launched new cars, not to flaunt, but to enjoy the reward of smart-work, and to achieve greater business milestones...

Congrats to these amazing people !

This is what happens when you believe in d power of your Dream !

Mrs Adefila flaunting her customized plate number of her Audi Q7, German machine !
Way to GO Ma!

Mrs Gbobaniyi,( a former Lagos state civil servant worker in Alausa) humbly posing by her brand new Audi Q7, confidently telling all the Paparazi team - ITS POSSIBLE !

Audience of over 900 invited guest listening attentively on how they can be part of this amazing opportunity...

Mr Umoh  - a photographer, receiving his award as a Recognized Manger in FLP. 

Mrs Pilot Enahoro and her sweetheart were one of our eagle managers who just returned from the All expense paid trip to Greece 2 days ago.

Here is a question for you : Do you consider yourself the middle class?

Are you spending less because you are saving money or because you have less?
With the recent pay cut across board and time value of money, its about to get WORSE!

TELL YOURSELF THE  TRUTH, are you getting off that presumed comfort zone of yours or just watching your income decline?

There has never been a better time to get into business for yourself than now.

YES, expansion is coming, but only to those sowing now. Don't eat your SEED!
Its time for network marketing!

If Your Work Doesn't Make You Smile, rather than complaining and blaming everyone around you, Change It!

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Success in our kind of business ? Visit this link to Join Us.


Friday, 2 September 2016

Congrats to Mrs Adefila on her Brand New Audi Q7

WOW !!!!

Big Congrats to Mrs Adefila who just launched her tear rubber Audi Q7 Jeep following the footsteps of our Mentor - the Jagaban of LCG!


Growing up in a small town in Ikorodu, I was raised by strict but loving parents who tried their best to give my siblings and I the best they could afford. Life wasn't very rosy at the start, I remember having to support my mum sometimes by hawking pap after school, on weekends and during the holidays.

But even as my environment and my parents were not as wealthy as I would have loved them to be, I always had dreams of succeeding massively financially, touring the world and making impact. I studied very hard and got admission into the University of Lagos, graduated with a second class upper and got a job in the Human Resources Department of a popular multinational company.

When I got the job, I was glad that finally I was on the path on the right path to achieving my dreams. I had an office, an official car and everything was going fine, I was a big girl.

But as the years passed, I noticed I didn't have any savings. My salary was always exhausted even before it came. I was always having to pay for things I had bought on credit within the month. Less than 2 weeks after getting paid, I was back to being broke again. I started seeing the need of having daily income as a married person.

The salary was never enough, I had to always rely on my husband.

Then a time came when my husband travelled on official duty and I was to handle some extra financial responsibilities at home which I couldn't. That was when it dawned on me that despite all my leaving very early to come back late at night, despite always looking nice in skirt suits, fancy shoes and a nice car, I was stranded.

After a while, my husband came back and things got back to how they used to be. I returned into hiding under the umbrella of the husband being the breadwinner of the family. But something drastic happened, my son developed asthma and it was so serious that I had to resign from work to be able to take care of him.

So I started my own business so I could be in control of my income and so I could have time to take care of my children and family. I was running my own interior decoration business "Cravings and Luxury" with my shop just opposite Abiola Gardens in Ikeja. Everything was going on well at the beginning that I even got an interview with the Punch and Sun Newspaper but over time I started to see why only 9 out of every 10 businesses survive their first 5 years.

When people leave their job to start a small scale business with the hope of having more time and income, it is like moving from frying pan to fire.

When my business kick started, I faced the exact challenges virtually every business go through. A lot of people in business can confirm that we pay hundreds of thousands of naira for rent and even more to fill the shops up with our items and merchandise and sometimes for days and even weeks, we may not sell a single item but still we have to pay staff salaries, electricity bills, LAWMA, other utility bills, government taxes and the most dreaded one of all - fuel and service the generators.

To top it all, you can't make 100% of your profit except you are there all the time because of how slim the chances of getting trustworthy staff members are. I couldn't take a break and it defeated the whole purpose of starting a business to have time for my family. Sometimes I secured contracts of over a million naira and at the end of the execution of the projects, I only made a few thousand naira profit. The whole business looked like I was working for my staff, the landlord and the government because that was where all my money was going to.

I knew life could be better than my present situation and daily I hoped and prayed for a change and a vehicle that could help me achieve my dreams. On this fateful Sunday morning, I went to Ogba Retail Market to get fresh fish for my husband, it was there I was approached by a man who also came to buy some stuff. He said "hi" and to be candid, the first thing that came to my mind was "All these Lagos men! On a Sunday morning when your mates are in church or Asalatu, you are here looking for women to toast? Well, wrong person!".

I hid my disgust and replied him with a half hearted "hello" and with style, I used my left hand to rub my eyebrow so he could see my wedding ring and know I was "OUT OF BOUNDS" but he kept being friendly. It was almost like he knew what I was doing but chose to ignore my actions.

He seemed to be a nice person, he assisted me in moving my groceries to the car, and there he did the expected, he asked for my phone number. I almost intentionally gave him a wrong number because of my "over carefulness". I was a married women with no time to accommodate some silly toasters.
There are a lot of times when God grants us answers to our prayers but at that point we are not spiritually matured enough to recognize it because we expect God to work in a particular way. His ways are not ours. Giving that man a wrong number that day would have been the biggest mistake of my life. And I thank God I didn't.

About a week later, after some courtesy calls, he began inviting me for various events put together by his organisation and I was always giving him one excuse or the other but he was very patient. One day I decided to attend so I could at least get him off my neck.

I head out to the venue with the directions he sent and when i got there, to my amazement, I saw that it was Forever Living Products' Head Office. I was furious, so furious that if I had seen that man at that moment, he would have received the verbal trashing of his life. Who does this man think I am? Do I look hungry?

Or do I look like someone who wants to hawk drugs on the streets of Lagos. Not at this stage I have gotten to. I am a big girl now, I had put anything related to hawking in my past completely. I made a U-Turn immediately and went back home.

Your progress and success in life is dependent on your attitude. A good attitude leads to a fulfilled life while a stinking attitude will only give you stinking results.

It wasn't until I got home that day that my brain started working. There I thought to myself, "Omowunmi, are you okay? Someone invited you for a function and you couldn't pay the person the simple courtesy of entering into the venue even if its just for 5 minutes or least give the person a call to say you couldn't attend for a reason or the other. You were raised better than this." I called the man immediately and as usual he was patient and yet invited me for another. I finally attended out of respect but with a closed mind to just hear whatever it is they had to say and take my leave.

And that Wednesday marked the turning point in my life. I saw a new hope. I saw the means I had been desperately praying to God to find. I saw the reasons I have been struggling for the past years and most importantly I saw today. The misconceptions I had about the business changed. It wasn't about buying and selling or hawking as I thought, it was about touching lives and impacting destinies.

Right there, I started the business before leaving the premises. I picked products for use at home and in 30 days, following the plan given to me by the man I met at the market who was now my mentor, I was paid 81,000 naira as bonus from the company. This what without selling a single item. All I did was told some of my friends to change their brand and invited some others to the presentation and they keyed in.

In that same month, I became a Recognized Manager in 3 months with a bonus of over 350,000 naira. I didn't need God to come down to tell me I needed to close my shop.

Fast forward to this day, I am a member of the Prestigious Millionaires' Club, I have been on 6 exotic international vacation all expense paid by the company. I have qualified for 2 car incentives, a Volkswagen Touareg V8 and now an Audi Q7.

And recently, my family and I were decorated as Sapphire Mangers in South Africa in the presence of thousands of people from over 170 countries around the world.

But all these achievements are insignificant compared to what God has used my saying yes to the opportunity to achieve in the lives of people. From helping wives like me become more productive so they can support their husbands in paying the bills. To reducing the statistics of unemployed youths by mentoring them to making tangible income that they never need to look for jobs. And also helping young ladies build a profitable beauty business.

Also God has used me to help a lot of women get rid of arthritis, fibroid, skin disorders and infertility issues with the help of the products this amazing company offers. And to the glory of God, these products have helped my son become free of asthma.

I want to thank my husband for his support from my day 1 of starting this business. I appreciate you for being the most wonderful man any woman could ever wish for and a loving father to the amazing kids God has blessed our union with.

I also want to say a massive Thank You to the man I met at the market, the one God sent to show me this opportunity, he is none other than Mr Tope Akinola T21, the founder and the President of The Life Changing Group. A big appreciation to you Sir for not giving up on me and your other numerous protégés even as we make one mistake after the other.

Thank you Sir for the Life Changing Group Academy, the trainings I have received there are more than just the Forever Business, they have positively affected every area of my life. Through your teachings Sir, I have become a more respectful wife to my husband, a better daughter to my parents and in laws, a more loving mother to my children, a more trusted associate to my business partner and a refined leader to my teammates.

From you Sir, we have learned and see that moving up fast in the Forever Business is not by the MARKETING PLAN, it is by MARKETING LOVE. It is love that teaches one to stretch himself/herself to achieve his/her dreams knowing that a lot of lives will be blessed in the process. Of what value is a mansion if it is surrounded by mud houses. Its this love that teaches us to sacrifice our time and resources fir the benefit and growth of others.

Its this same love that gives us the wisdom to embrace new ideas understanding well that there is no perfect way doing anything and that there is no gain in sticking to archaic methods. One only fizzles out by doing that.

And with the same love, I am imploring everyone to go for their dreams and never give up. God bless T21.God bless The Life Changing Group, God bless everyone in the Forever Business worldwide and nd God bless every Network marketer on the face of the earth. Let's keep doing the good work and Almighty God will bless all of us.

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

When Does Stress Becomes Your Enemy?

What happens when you dash for a bus or a train? You can no doubt feel how your body responds by increasing your blood pressure and making your heart beat faster. Even if you miss your ride, your heart rate and breathing generally return to normal.

IF YOU are dealing with a long-term stressful situation, though, it may be different. Anxiety, muscle tension, increased blood pressure, and disturbed digestion may take longer to return to normal. More and more people find that the tension never goes away. For instance, many feel trapped in a dead-end job. How does stress affect your body and your health?

Your Body’s Reaction to Stress

Dr. Arien van der Merwe, an expert on the subject, explains how your body reacts to stress. It instantly kicks into action, and a complex “stress cascade of neurochemicals and hormones rushes through your entire body, preparing every organ and system for the Red Alert stress response.”
You are immediately ready to take out-of-the-ordinary action. All your senses—including sight, hearing, and touch—are involved.

Your brain quickly reacts, and your adrenal glands instantly release powerful hormones, revving up your muscles as well as your heart, lungs, and other organs for whatever might be needed to handle the stressful situation.

Thus in an emergency your body’s stress response may save your life, such as when it makes you leap out of the way of an oncoming car. It is a completely different matter, however, when stress is unrelenting.

When Stress Becomes an Enemy

What if your body is constantly revved up? Your muscles remain tense, your pulse rate and blood pressure stay high, and elevated levels of cholesterol, fats, sugars, hormones, and other chemicals linger in the blood. Prolonged elevated levels of such chemicals—meant for short, intense, and infrequent bursts of activity—eventually damage important body organs. With what consequences?

You may begin experiencing backaches, headaches, muscle spasms of the neck, and muscle tension. According to doctors, those symptoms are often related to chronic stress. Ongoing stress can hamper creativity and productivity, as well as erode enthusiasm and damage interpersonal relationships. It can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and esophageal spasms.

The consequences of chronic stress may even be more serious. Stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes may be caused by or made worse by prolonged stress.
“Because of the secretion of cortisol in long-term stress,” writes Van der Merwe, “fat tends to accumulate around the abdomen and back.” Skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, are associated with—or aggravated by—stress.

Severe stress has also been linked to depression, increased aggression, and burnout. Memory and concentration too can be permanently impaired by constant stress. An immune system seriously compromised by long-term stress can make a person vulnerable to anything from the common cold to cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Stress has a huge impact on all aspects of our well-being—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—so we need to know how to control it. Yet, we do not want to eliminate the body’s stress response altogether. Why not?

We might liken stress to a spirited horse. It can give us an enjoyable and exhilarating ride. However, if it goes wildly out of control, it can endanger our life. Similarly, stress in manageable doses can make life enjoyable and exhilarating, providing us with the stimulus to be creative, productive, enthusiastic, and healthy.

How, though, can we keep stress at manageable levels so that we can get the most out of our life?

Lighten Your Load

THE CHALLENGE: Overscheduling.

“Someone will ask me to help out with something or to socialize when I really have things that I need to do. I just don’t want to let anyone down.”—Karina.

THE REMEDY: Learn to say no.

“Wisdom is with the modest ones,” says the Bible. (Proverbs 11:2) Modesty, or accepting your limitations, empowers you to say no when the load will be too heavy for you to carry.

Of course, saying no isn’t always an option—for example, when your parents remind you about your chores! But if you let everyone add to your load, you’ll eventually give out. Even the biggest trucks have a load limit.

Tip: If it’s hard for you to turn down someone outright, try saying, “Let me get back to you.” Then, before giving a definite reply, ask yourself, ‘Can I really afford to invest the time and energy needed for this activity?’

THE CHALLENGE: Procrastination.

“If a task seems difficult, I’ll put it off. But then I’ll worry about the fact that I still have to do it. When I finally start on it, I have to rush, which stresses me out.”—Serena.

THE REMEDY: Get started—even if you don’t finish now.

“Do not loiter at your business,” advises the Bible. (Romans 12:11) Confronting a hard task is bad enough, so why add to the load by procrastinating? That just keeps it before you longer!

To create incentive, make a to-do list. Break down big tasks into manageable sizes. “I love lists,” says a young woman named Carol. “Usually I put the things I dislike the most first, and then as I check them off, it gets easier. Before you know it, you can move on to the things in your life that are more fun!”

Tip: If you struggle to get started on a task, set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and begin working on it right away. When the alarm goes off, you’ll have 10 or 15 minutes of the job completed. Now that you’ve started, you might be surprised at how much easier it is to do more on the task.

Get a More Powerful “Engine”

Take care of your body. Experts agree that a healthful diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep will help you to get more done. Don’t worry—taking care of your body isn’t all that complicated. A few simple steps will get you started. Take sleep, for example. Try the following.

1. Get enough sleep. Set regular times to go to bed and to get up, at least on school days and workdays.

2. Allow yourself enough time to unwind. Don’t exercise within three hours before going to bed, and avoid heavy snacks and caffeine as bedtime nears.

3. When it’s time to go to bed, try to make your bedroom dark, quiet, and comfortable.

Connect with others. Don’t hesitate to turn to your parents and friends for assistance. Will that really help? Yes, for studies show that emotional support reduces the damage that increased stress can cause to your heart, blood vessels, and immune system.

Those findings agree with the Bible, which says: “Anxious care in the heart of a man is what will cause it to bow down, but the good word is what makes it rejoice.” (Proverbs 12:25) When “anxious care” weighs you down, true friends can offer you a “good word” of encouragement, which may be just what you need to make it through.

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